Autolei 330
2160 Wommelgem
Telephone +32 (0)3.663.63.63

With the opening of Lamborghini Antwerp, located on the Autolei in Wommelgem, PC Antwerp, a subsidiary of D'ieteren Automotive is bringing a new luxury brand to Antwerp to beautify the street scene. This is another important step in strengthening the presence of prestige brands in the market.

Managing Director, Lamborghini Antwerp

With the choice of this location on the Autolei in Wommelgem, Lamborghini Antwerp is in a very good position, both in terms of visibility and accessibility. In addition, our team has the know-how and experience to develop Lamborghini Antwerp into a success story. "We remain true to our proven recipes that have helped our other premium brands gain a foothold in the wider region", said Erik Michiels, Managing Director. The conviction that the customer and brand experience, certainly in this segment, are just as important as the product itself, is not alien to this. What we mean by this, you immediately notice when you enter and are completely immersed in the atmosphere of the brand. In the stylish setting, the models of Lamborghini are shown to their best advantages. They are the center of attention and set the mood in a geometric space where customers can immediately feel at home.

Company data
Lamborghini Antwerp a division of PC Antwerp, Headquarters: Maliestraat 50, 1050 Brussels.
BTW: BE0745.665.625 - BNP account: BE06.2200.4716.0022